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The purpose of this webpage is to invite you into our homeopathic practice. Our intention is to introduce you to Homeopathy and our approach in providing our patients with specific and individualized treatment.


In 1999, we met at a homeopathic conference in Barcelona, Spain, married and opened a practice together in Toronto, Canada in 2001.  Upon opening our practice it was clear to us that our primary principle was to treat people honestly and respectfully. With more than 30 years of clinical experience between us, our ultimate goal was for our patients to be restored to good health following acute or chronic illness. We are fully dedicated to classical homeopathy, which we practice with an open, critical and rational mind.


Zahava is a graduate of the Toronto School of Homeopathic Medicine practicing classical homeopathy since 1998. Although a general practitioner, she has a strong specialty with pediatrics, menopause and the treatment of mental health issues.  Over the years, she has been the homeopathic doctor in attendance at numerous births, offering homeopathic care as well as guidance and support to both parents. She has a thriving long-distance telephone practice treating people worldwide for their physical and mental health concerns. Her practice has now transitioned into homeopathic treatment in combination with counseling for the complete healing of the patient’s physical as well as mental and emotional symptoms. She has lectured throughout the city of Toronto and has appeared as a panelist on the television show, Diagnosis MD. 

  Dr Z
Klaus is a graduate from Heidelberg University and is licensed in Germany as a Heilpraktiker and Pharmacist.  A dedicated researcher, he has been published and is presently teaching Materia Medica to post-graduate homeopaths in Toronto. Since 2004, his continuous focus and dedication has been on the development of a reliable and practical Materia Medica of high quality. He has perused homeopathic journals from the past 200 years, from both the American and German archives, and has scrutinized them meticulously for their clinical relevance. In 2009, Klaus will launch an e-journal of Clinical Materia Medica for homeopathic practitioners internationally.
  Dr Klaus


Homeopathy was developed over 200 years ago in Germany by the physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. In the past few decades it has started to make a resurgence worldwide. Part of the reason for this is because people want to get to the root of their sickness. It is no longer enough to just control the symptoms and mask the cause but to purposely heal and cure for better health in the future.   When a patient comes to see us at SBH, we take a thorough case-taking of how the patient is sick and not just base a prescription on the name of the disease that they are sick with.  Then based on these specific symptoms, we analyze the case and prescribe a homeopathic remedy accordingly.   


An initial homeopathic case-taking can last anywhere from an hour to two hours.  This time is essential in order to thoroughly glean the relevant information from current medical issues as well as from the patient’s medical history.

Office or telephone/email contact:

Adults: $120.00 Cdn / €80 per hour (or part thereof)
Children (u/12): $90.00 / €50 per hour (or part thereof)
Pets (dogs/cats): $90.00 / €50 per hour (or part thereof)

REMEDIES:    $5.00  per remedy (water potency or pellets)

(With long distance prescribing, it is recommended that the patient has access to a reliable Homeopathic pharmacy to obtain the remedy as close to the time of the prescription as possible.)

BIRTH PACKAGES:   Labour and Delivery rates available upon request

All fees are payable at the end of each consultation (Visa, Mastercard, Cheque or Cash) and fees do not include GST.

If a valid credit card is not on file, one hour of time ($120.00/$90.00) must be purchased in advance through PayPal or Direct Email Banking. Any remaining monies will be on account as a credit toward the next telephone call or email contact.


... My doctor told me I would have to take these expensive pills all of my life.  I communicated with Dr. Zahava through email and telephone on a weekly basis for one month and received the right homeopathic remedy that had allowed me to discontinue the ineffective, expensive  prescription medicine.  Today, I feel I am healthy and can live my life as it was before the diagnosis of my disease.  MK, Nonthaburi, Thailand

… I suffered from migraines, and thanks to having you in my corner, I no longer have them and I feel very confident about my health for an upcoming travel. You demonstrate thoroughness in all of your care, going at the issue until you get the results that lead to health.  CT, Toronto, Canada

… When I initially consulted with Zahava, my health was extremely poor. I was averaging every six weeks on an oral antibiotic, every three months on oral prednisone and other daily medications for “maintenance”.  Homeopathic treatment has significantly improved my overall health and state of well-being. I fully endorse it.  Simply put – it works!  MV, Kitchener, Canada

For Homeopaths who would like to learn Materia Medica based on solid, reliable sources from the great masters of the past. Klaus is a scholar of Materia Medica provides the consolidation of his hours of long hard work and research at each and every class. This course can provide the building blocks of successful prescribing. GH, Markham, Canada

It is Klaus' meticulous unearthing of information, his attention to the details in translations and assembling of scripts, and his ability to see "the big picture" of remedies that make this course truly inspiring and worthwhile. DC, London, Canada

Materia Medica course with Klaus Scheiman-Burkhardt has been one of the best learning experiences that I have ever had.  It gave me practical knowledge that I can use immediately in my practice. I consider it essential and highly recommend for anyone aspiring to mastery in homeopathic practice. AD, Toronto, Canada.


(416) 778-8222 (Toronto)

(802) 461-4616 (USA)

(34) 689 380 864 (Spain)